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Melanoma. What Does It Look Like?

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Melanoma can be presented with various colours, sizes, shapes and symptoms. Often they are pigmented, however, occasionally they can be colourless.

Melanoma is not something you can diagnose by just looking at them, even specially trained doctors need to examine the lesion with a special instrument (detmatoscope) to detect abnormal feature.

Attached is a gallery showing some of the melanoma we had encountered.

Hutchinson Melanoma Freckle
Hutchinson Melanoma Freckle

Melanoma insitu
Melanoma Insitu

Invasive Melanoma (Breslow thickness 2.5mm)
Invasive Melanoma (Breslow Thickness 2.5mm)

Melanoma Insitu (Resemble The Shape of a Love Heart)

Melanoma insitu, totally asymptomatic and subtle on dermatoscopy.

A tiny melanoma inset on the calf
Melanoma insitu (this one is tiny on a young female's calf, it is obvious when viewing it with a dermatoscope_

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